Truffle Farming

Truffle mushrooms are today known as the ‘black diamond‘ of the earth. The value of truffles is increasing rapidly due to the destruction of natural truffle forests due to urbanization and the fact that the amount grown in truffle farms established in recent years cannot meet the rising demand.

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What is Truffle?

The truffle supply and demand balance, which was 2000 tons per year in the world in the 1860s, cannot exceed 400 tons per year today, despite the farms established. This supply shortage is caused by the destruction of forests due to wars, fires and urbanization in recent centuries. The solution is to cultivate truffle mushrooms in controlled farms and gardens. Truffle cultivation is one of the agricultural investments with the highest added value. Türkiye is very lucky in this regard. It is possible to cultivate truffles in most parts of our country.

Oak trees, where truffle mycorrhizae thrive, grow naturally throughout our country. One of the features that make truffle farming attractive is that it can be easily done in stony, sloping, chalky areas where normal agriculture is difficult, apart from fertile agricultural lands. Thanks to the gardens established in such unused areas, it is possible to obtain very high returns within 5 to 8 years.

Truffle Inoculated Seedlings

As in all investments with high returns, knowledge, experience, advanced technology and conscious control are a big part of success in truffle cultivation. As with all investments with high returns, truffle mushrooms were produced in 2015 as a result of our joint work with our R&D team within Demirsoy Tarim, our employees with more than 15 years of experience in the truffle industry, and many professors and academicians who have a say in the world about truffles. We established a production facility. Knowledge, experience, advanced technology and conscious control in cultivation are a big part of success. We sell truffle-cultivated various oak species, hazelnut, chestnut and linden saplings that we produce in this very special greenhouse and whose mycorrhizal root analysis and controls we perform.

Please contact us to establish a truffle garden or purchase “Truffle Cultivated Seedlings”.

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Truffle Ecology

The most important elements required for the growth of truffle mushrooms are suitable soil, suitable climate and suitable plant type. When we talk about suitable soil, it is very important that it is calcareous (pH 7-9) and drained. Although infertile stony but calcareous soils do not constitute a good soil structure for other agricultures, they offer an ideal structure for truffle cultivation. We can give the Mediterranean climate as an example as a suitable climate. Winter truffle (tuber melanosporum) grows in areas with summer rains, and summer truffle (tuber aestivum) grows in drier areas without summer rains. Both can grow in the Black Sea climate. As for the suitable plant species, truffles establish symbiosis with trees such as oak species, pine species, hazelnut, hornbeam, poplar and maple. Black summer truffle is found in almost every region throughout Türkiye. In order to cultivate truffles, local conditions and tree species should be taken into consideration.