Lavender, called “blue gold”, is among the most valuable medicinal aromatic plants. 140 varieties of lavender, only the essential oil of the genus Lavandula Angustifolia is valuable. Lavandula Angustifolia is known as the queen of medicinal aromatic plants. The essential oil of this genus is among the top 10 most valuable oils in the world. Those generally cultivated in Turkey are hybrid breeds and fall into the Lavandin class. Lavandin varieties have low oil quality. Lavandin essential oils are used in cleaning products or industrial products.

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Lavender Seedling

Demirsoy Tarim grows Lavandula Angustifolia varieties with the highest essential oil value and produces seedlings.

In order to compete in the world’s essential oil markets, lavender species that comply with international lavender specifications must be cultivated and annual analyzes of these species must be followed meticulously.

Lavandula Angustifolia

Our seedlings, produced from rootstock plants with the highest essential oil quality that we import from Europe, are offered for sale by pre-order. Lavandula Angustifolia Mill sub-varieties Hemus, Hebar, Sevtapolis, Yubileyna, Raya and Druzhba seedlings are produced in desired quantities and delivered as bare roots before winter. Additionally, seedlings imported from Europe can be provided upon request.

The lavender species that we import and produce are the most preferred species in the world markets with their high quality essential oil yield. In addition to six types of imported lavender with high oil quality, Lavandin seedlings of the Lavandula hybrid type, which can adapt to drought and all kinds of climatic conditions and is suitable for drying for both beekeeping and high flower yield, and is widely used in our country, are also offered for sale in viols, suitable for planting in all seasons.

Please contact us for packaging sizes and prices.

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About Lavender

The word “lavender” comes from the Latin word “lavare” meaning “to wash”. Approximately 600 years ago, oil began to be obtained from the lavender plant, which was preferred for all kinds of cleaning with its fresh scent and appeal thousands of years ago, using different methods. Lavender oil pots made of clay, exhibited in many museums, show us how long lavender oil has been used. Lavender essential oil, which was used by priests, medical scientists and pharmacologists hundreds of years ago, is now widely used in modern and alternative medicine. There are more than 140 species of lavender plant. These are generally grouped as Lavandula sub-varieties and Lavandula x hybrid varieties (Lavandins).