Often referred to as “blue gold,” lavender ranks among the top herbs in every “Medicinal and Aromatic Plants” list around the globe. Although there are more than 140 lavender varieties, the only valuable essential oil comes from the species Lavandula angustifolia. This particular species is known as the queen of medicinal and aromatic plants. The essential oil from Lavandula angustifolia is among the 10 highest-grade oils in the world. Most of the lavender cultivated in Turkey belongs to the hybrid cultivar known as lavandin. As the oil from lavandin plants has a lower quality, these essential oils are used in cleaners or industrial products.


Demirsoy Tarim cultivates and grows seedlings of Lavandula angustifolia cultivars, which yield the highest-grade essential oils.

In order to compete in the global essential oils market, lavender farming must be focused on varieties that comply with international lavender specifications, with yearly analyses conducted and followed up on diligently.


Cultivated from imported European rootstock bearing the highest-quality essential oil, our seedlings are sold via pre-order. Seedlings of the varieties Hemus, Hebur, Sevtopolis, Jubilee, Raya, and Drujba—all cultivars of Lavandula angustifolia Mill.—are produced in desired quantities and delivered prior to winter as bare root lavender. We can also import seedlings from Europe per customer request.

The lavender varieties we import and cultivate are the most sought-after types of lavender in the global market, thanks to their generous yield of high-quality essential oil. In addition to six varieties of imported lavender with high-quality oil, we also provide the Lavandula hybrida variety known as lavandin, which is available in seedling trays ready to be planted year-round. This drought-resistant cultivar is able to withstand any weather conditions, and it is commonly used in Turkey for beekeeping as well as for dried lavender, thanks to its high flower yield.

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The name lavender comes from the Latin word “lavare,” which means “to wash.” The plant was used thousands of years ago as a versatile cleanser due to its fresh scent and appeal, and around 600 years ago, people began using different methods to obtain oil from it. Many museums are home to ancient clay alabastra (oil containers) still fragrant with the scent of lavender, a testament to how long lavender oil has been in use. A favorite of priests, medical scientists, and pharmacologists for hundreds of years, lavender essential oil is still prevalently used in modern and alternative medicine today. There are more than 140 varieties of lavender, generally categorized and named as cultivars of Lavandula or Lavandula hybrids (lavandins).