Olives and Olive Oil

As the Gochek family, we have been aiming to break new ground in organic agriculture since 2013, the year of our establishment. In accordance with this purpose, we strictly adhere to international standards in the production of Gochek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as in all our other products.

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Harvest of Our Organic Certified Olive Groves

Harvest of Our Organic Certified Olive Groves: We produce our olive oil with natural color and taste by processing the grains we collect from the trees we grow in our own olive groves, without additives, using the cold-pressing method. We collect by hand each grain that reaches medium size on Memecik trees. Thanks to the hand harvesting process in September and October, we have the chance to determine the ideal grains that will turn into olive oil while our trees continue their healthy development.

Our High Polyphenol Olive Oil is Produced from Memecik Olives

Memecik olive is known for its high polyphenol content. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, polyphenols keep free radicals under control, eliminating the effects that may cause diseases. Polyphenols also prevent unnecessary clot formation by preventing the aggregation of platelets that pass into the circulatory system after being formed in the bone marrow. It is the body’s natural supporter in fighting inflammation. Polyphenols regulate chemicals that cause inflammation and prevent muscle damage from occurring.

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Gochek Extra Virgin Olive Oil with High Polyphenols and Low Acidity

In a quality olive oil, the polyphenol value per kilogram is approximately 250 milligrams. In Gochek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this value is higher than 500 milligrams per kilogram. In other words, you can support your body’s resistance by consuming olive oil produced in accordance with Demirsoy Tarım’s high standards. Polyphenols, which are abundant in Gochek Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, can also contribute to reducing the possibility of clot formation by preventing the aggregation of platelets.

Highlights of Gochek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• Gochek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with early harvest and cold pressing techniques.

• The product is available in an ergonomically designed bottle of 500 milliliters.

• Olive oil contains 500+ milligrams of polyphenols per liter.

• The oil with high polyphenol content stands out with its fruity, slightly soothing taste.

• No additives, preservatives, added sugar or dyes are used during the production phase.

• Gochek Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an extremely low acidity rate. ( 0.21%)