Demirsoy Tarim

Demirsoy Agriculture company was founded by Construction Engineer Emir Demirsoy and Business-Marketing expert Esra Demirsoy, with the aim of carrying out R&D studies in the field of agriculture in Turkey, producing high value-added products using new technologies and marketing them worldwide.

The lavender species that we import and produce are the most preferred species in the world markets with their high quality essential oil yield.

Both Lavandula Angustifolia (real lavender) and Lavandula x intermedia (lavandin) essential oils, which we produce as certified organic, are offered for sale in different sizes and packages without any additives.

Gochek Saffron, a source of healing and flavor, from our own gardens with international Ecocert organic certification.

Demirsoy Tarim sells fresh Tuber aestivum, “Summer Black” and Tuber melanosporum “Winter Black” Truffle Mushrooms, which it procures from its own farm or from nature, depending on the season.

Thanks to Demirsoy Tarim’s own R&D team, our employees with more than 15 years of experience in the truffle industry, as well as the collaborative work we’ve done with many international professors and academics who specialize in truffles, in 2015, we established a “Truffle-Inoculated Seedling” production facility the likes of which the world has never seen.

100% natural Gochek Olive Oil is early harvest and cold pressed. Preferring early harvest olives in its content ensures that our olive oil has a more fruity and fresh taste.

Ecocert Certificate

Why Important?

In order for a product produced by adhering to organic farming practices to carry the Ecocert certificate, 95% of its content must comply with the standards. It is important that the remaining 5% content does not contain synthetic substances, which are on the negative list created by Ecocert.

How to Get?

A team authorized by Ecocert visits the facilities of the applicant company and conducts comprehensive inspections. The audit process, which covers at least one year, is supported by additional checks made without prior notice.

Our plantations are Ecocert Organic Certified.

As Demirsoy Tarım, we are among the companies in Turkey that have successfully completed the difficult process of obtaining the Ecocert organic certificate. We grow all our products in our own agricultural areas using 100% natural methods.